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Good Neighbor Program

 Providing financial support and navigation to community resources for those

financially impacted by COVID-19 or other financial hardships.

The Good Neighbor Program (GNP) was born in the on-set of COVID-19 when the need for navigation and support for basic needs became more prevalent than ever. The program allows neighbors, school counselors, or other partnering organizations to nominate individuals or families who need access to resources and potentially support with past-due bills. We provide navigation services for both internal resources within MVCC, and the many resources available in our local community of FME and extended communities.  

The Good Neighbor Fund 

On top of navigating to other possible financial support, through MVCC’s Good Neighbor Fund, some individuals may qualify for help with basic needs such as housing, utilities, or other financial obligations. We continue to prioritize individuals and families that were self-sufficient before COVID-19, but have been impacted by the pandemic and are no longer self-sufficient.  We are accepting applications to serve our neighbors in need with monetary support to help them cope with the uncertainty and financial hardships brought on by the pandemic, inflation, or personal hardships.   

We call this the Good Neighbor Fund because you must be nominated by a neighbor, friend, or referring organization; you cannot self-nominate.  All gifts are paid to a third party (landlord, utility company, childcare provider, etc.), not directly to the nominee. 


Nominees must live in Edgewood, Milton or Fife; or have children attending schools in Edgewood, Milton or Fife.  Nominator can live outside of the area. 


Good Neighbor Recipient

There's so much to say, but I'll try and keep it simple. This fund didn't just help myself and my family through a tough time, it saved us from a disaster by allowing us to keep the one thing necessary for self-sufficiency during the worst time of our lives. The Navigation Team and the person who helped us with applying for the fund was beyond kind and made us feel like part of a Community. What a wonderful experience! We are so relieved

Good Neighbor Recipient

Thank you to all those over at Mountain View and the good neighbor fund . They have stayed in contact with me , offered community resources , and were so kind in helping me with rental assistance. Super kind people thank you so much

Good Neighbor Recipient

I unfortunately fell behind on rent due to Covid and having to furlough for several weeks. These services have helped me get caught up on my rent so that I don't have to worry especially during the holidays and having a new baby


Nominations for financial support are not open

at this time.

Questions? Please reach out to Programs Manager, Rachael Gibbons at

Adriel Foxley.png

For more information please contact Community Programs Coordinator

Adriel Foxley | 253-826-4329 X103

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