The Good Neighbor Program


The Good Neighbor Program Providing financial support and navigation to the community resources of our cities for those financially impacted by COVID.

People today need more than funding to help them overcome the complicated and entangled barriers they are facing. They need a community coming together to help them thrive, becoming whom they were meant to be. Our Good Neighbor Program is one avenue where communities can wraparound families and individuals, providing navigation to programs of Mountain View Community Center and community partners where people can find support, build friendships, grow in holistic health, and serve their community.  

The Good Neighbor Fund


Mountain View Community Center is excited to share the opportunity for our neighbors to receive assistance through the Good Neighbor Fund as part of the Good Neighbor Program.  We are accepting applications to serve our neighbors in need with monetary support to help them cope with the uncertainty and financial hardships brought on by the pandemic.


We are calling this the Good Neighbor Fund because you must be nominated by a neighbor, friend, or referring organization; you cannot self-nominate.  All gifts will be paid to a third party (landlord, utility company, childcare provider, etc.), not directly to the nominee. Nominees must live in Edgewood, Milton, or Fife.  Nominators can live outside this area. 


Good Neighbor Recipient

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This was such a pleasant surprise getting this call. I have been trying to get support and help with some of my bills and this was a gift from God. With everything going on in the world, it is nice to see someone is still willing to help others. God bless your program!         

Good Neighbor Recipient

Due to Covic-19 I lost my job soon after the announcement was made then my husband's hours were cut, then he lost his job entirely! We have four children and taken care of them was never a problem until now. This fund has helped us with our rent for the month and has taken away some anxiety from our family.

We are so grateful for your help!

Good Neighbor Nominee

I applaud *Tamie for being a survivor through numerous tragedies. Now has had a huge financial hit due to COVID-19. She was homeless at one point but now has a tenacious spirit of never going back. I see Tamie as someone who does not just want a hand out, but a hand up. She wants to become

self-reliant and a productive citizen.

Help us be a good neighbor by:

Donating Today!


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All gifts will be spent only in direct aid of a neighbor.

Nominating a Neighbor in Need


Click the button below to view and/or fill out the Good    Neighbor Program Nominee Form. You must provide your information; however, you can choose to be anonymous to the person/family you are nominating.

For more information contact us at or call 253-826-4329

Thank you for being a good neighbor. Together, we will get through this!