Mountain View Community Center (MVCC) opened its 10,000 square foot facility in November 2008 thanks primarily to the inspiration of our next door neighbor, the congregation of Mountain View Lutheran Church. The goal was simple: to create a community center that served the needs of the present, while creating change for the future.  Today, MVCC has a small, but mighty staff and a host of committed volunteers which provide programming to support successful kids, hopeful families, and active seniors in our community.

We believe that when kids have the tools they need to succeed, when families are growing in holistic health, and when seniors find connection and care, we all benefit.


MVCC primarily serves residents of Edgewood, Milton and Fife. All community members are welcome to participate in our programs.


Phone:  (253) 826-4329

Hours:  Monday-Thursday | 9 AM to 4 PM


Address:  3607 122nd Avenue East Suite A

       Edgewood WA  98372

Every dollar that is donated goes to develop successful kids, hopeful families and active seniors.  

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