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With racial reconciliation in mind, this discussion will explore ways to move beyond polarization and create a space where people from different backgrounds and experiences can exist together, while moving toward restoration. The focus of this discussion will Existential Education for the Ethnic Other, encouraging participants to know themselves and their place in society. The goal is not to induce guilt; the goal is to inform—with the intent to promote self-education and empathy.


Courageous Conversations is an online forum for Edgewood residents (and beyond) creating a space for listening, learning, and addressing the barriers and imbalances faced by our fellow citizens of color.  It is organized and facilitated by leaders who live and/or work in Edgewood and sponsored by Mountain View Community Center. The series will run once a month from September to December 2020 and will involve speakers and facilitators from our community on the following topics: 

  • Relationships // The first step in addressing systemic racism in any community is to build relationships. Open, honest conversations about historical inequities, systemic racial injustices, and institutional racism are key to not only building strong community relationships, but also bridging the gaps that have prevented these relationships historically.  

  • Racial Reconciliation // The second step to making positive change is racial reconciliation. We must first acknowledge the many barriers facing marginalized communities, then examine the systems that promote systemic racism, and ultimately establish a plan of action to address each system creating the barriers.  

  • Reform // The third step to promote racial equity is reform. We can accomplish this by empowering local community members, business owners, and leaders, to actively seek to reform practices and policies that create and promote racial disparity. 


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