My fellow MVCC patrons:

How’s your cardio workout? Remember our goal of 150 min. of any kind of movement like walking, treadmill, weight lifting, cycling or even swimming, etc.  Want to make it more effective? Try focusing on the Intensity of your workout session and understand the F.I.T. principle.  When the FIT principle is done properly you will safely burn the right number of calories per cardio session.

Any cardiovascular workout is formulated by the Frequency, Intensity and Time involved in the workout, which is the F.I.T. principle.  Frequency means frequency per week, 3-6 times a week.  Intensity means being aware of your exercise heart rate.  And time, meaning time per session, 20-60 min per session (150 min/wk.).   It doesn’t matter how you reach 150 min.  Break up the 150 min. anyway you want.  20 min. daily, or 30 min. @ 5 day/wk. or 45 min. @ 3 day/wk. 

Also, to make your cardio workout more effective keep a daily log of your workout, record the date, length and intensity of your workout.  Record how many minutes and how it felt on a 1 to 10 scale, from easy to difficult, and then compare the results from week to week.  As you track your progress, you will begin to see improvement, and you can make adjustments to stay within that moderate-intensity level by increasing either speed, distance, resistance or time.

Bottom line is that any type of movement is beneficial, but to tap into the full rewards of exercise, you need to be diligent about intensity and duration.   Strive to get 150 min per week, how you get there is up to you.

** Planet Fitness is offering live workout videos every day on Facebook.  Gold’s Gym has more than 600 audio and video workouts for free.  Peloton is offering its full library of yoga, meditation, strength, cycling and running tutorials free for 90 days.  I have not assessed these videos as to the applicability to seniors.


Stay blessed, Loy

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